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The relentless legions of glowing rectangles, circles, pentagons and whatnot are after a lone ship in the depths of the retrospace.

Belowscape casts you to pilot that heroic ship. Dodge, thrust and let the photon blasters sing to send those geometric things to the abyss.
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The mission is simple: Survive!
Score high and be the "Retrospace's next top pilot"

Simplicity at its best. Making its way to your iPhone and iPod.

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A bit closer to perfection - 1.4.2009

Features included in the new version (1.15):

  • Option to have the camera follow your ship. Really useful with virtual joysticks.
  • Virtual joysticks center themselves automatically when you're not touching them.
  • Functionality hidden in the main menu 10tons logo.
  • High score screen scrolling is a bit smoother.
  • Player ship acceleration increased a bit - improved playability.

Although this means you will probably be able to score a bit higher, we will not be resetting the online high score lists. Just consider getting the update in timely manner an excellent chance to soar sky high on the online lists of glory and awesomeness.

Belowscape getting great reviews - 24.3.2009

"As the saying goes, the best just got better."
Control options work very well and in my opinion are the best of their type available on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.
-Excellent Control Methods
-Sleek, Attractive Look & Style
Game Forward score: 4/5
-Game Forward

belowscape 4.4 star rating
With it's great customizable controls and an online ranking system to compete on, it really does offer a great experience for the price. score: 4,4/5

Belowscape is a very fun game that needs no great investment of your time or thought, and aims to provide fulfilling, if simple, fun.

The hunt intensifies as the Major Update lands - 9.3.2009

Features included in the new version (1.10):

  • We now feature two different game modes: Survival and Rush
  • Completely reworked difficulty curve to heighten the intensity even further
  • Added boss levels to really challenge the players
  • Controls can now be configured for everyones liking. You can choose any combination of touching, tilting and virtual joysticks to find the controls you like the best
  • Players can now compete on the Online Leaderboards for fame and national glory!

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